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•Fly into strength and challenge yourself to a new level of fitness. This fun and challenging class will push your limits and take you to new heights. We will be working with the low hammock, the Lyra, and the Silks. You will gain new skills and develop a foundation of knowledge for possibly going even higher off the ground. Come play and learn! Commit to all 5 weeks of classes for $100 & commit to your own results!


•Work on building upper body and core strength, giving you a solid foundation and technique on low aerial hammock. We’ll address proper form in pull ups, hip keys and straddle backs etc. Students will learn how to properly execute basic but beautiful poses and short sequences in a safe and focused environment. This will allow you to develop strength and vocabulary that will prepare you for more dynamic moves and technical sequences in the next levels of aerial hammock.

AERIAL SILKS (beginner)

•This 75 minute class is designed for people who have no aerial experience or working on beginner moves. We will carefully introduce you to aerial silks world. You will learn how to properly use your core and arm muscles while learning basic climbs, wraps and poses in the silks as well as aerial hammock, staying close to the ground. You will learn basic skills in aerial fabric, how transition in and out of poses, and even go upside down! As well as using aerial hammocks to understand some basics of inversion, wraps, conditioning and drills.

AERIAL SILKS ( beginner / intermediate)

•In our Aerial Hammock - Beginner & Intermediate class we will work on building upper body and core strength, giving you a solid foundation and technique to dance on a low aerial hammock. Beginner students will learn how to properly execute basic but beautiful poses and short aerial dance sequences in a safe and focused environment. Intermediate students will focus on fluidity, smoothing out transitions, and piecing together sequences to build stamina.


•This class is a complete body workout and stretch designed to help release the kinks from the spine, alleviate muscle tension, tone and elongate your muscles, mobilize and hydrate compressed joints and extend your flexibility. This class is suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners. 
Aerial Yoga offers a perfect compliment to any practice, or the beginning of a fun adventure unto itself! Ready for takeoff! Our world class instructors will bring you through a sometimes challenging, always memorable voyage. Float in a most heavenly savasana at the end. You'll be walking a little taller and closer to the smile you left with, all day!


• Can I take an aerial class even if I have never done it before? 
Absolutely! Our classes are designed for mixed levels, even total beginners. We keep our aerial classes small so that the instructor can give individual attention to all students.

• Do I need to bring my yoga mat? 
Nope! Our entire aerial room floor is lined with acrobatic panel mats, so yoga mats are not necessary.

Will the fabric hold me? Is is safe?
Yes! Our aerial fabric slings are tested and rated to hold over 3,000 lbs! We emphasize safety in our aerial classes by encouraging students to work within their own comfort levels.

What is your cancellation policy for Aerial classes? Since spaces are very limited we have a 24 hr cancellation policy for Aerial classes. If you reserved a space in advance and do not show you will still owe for that class. If you’d like us to cancel an Aerial class you’ve booked please email or call/text at 323-902-0005 within 24hrs to cancel and avoid late fees.