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Based on a classical Yin yoga practice, in this class you will be holding poses between 2 to 5 minutes all on the ground. The purpose of staying in the poses for this duration of time, is to open the connective tissue in your body. In addition the instructor will offer hands on assistance, inspired by time massage. At times there will be gentle lifting of your arms or legs, with mindful pressure applied as needed. Always feel free to let the instructor know if something works or doesn’t. You will be asked at the beginning of class if hands on touch is not desired.


A hot, vinyasa flow-based class. Students will move through a variety of asanas timing breath to movement. Each thoughtfully created sequence will vary teacher to teacher. You will move through dynamic standing and balancing postures. Come strengthen your body while engaging your mind.



A movement, yoga, and acrobatic practice all in one class. In this all-levels class we start off with the basics and  build up to fun, exciting, and challenging movements. Each movement is taught is steps. Exploration is done in groups of three, with a base, flyer, and spotter. All three roles are very important and fun to learn. Every class is different and catered for the experience levels attending. AcroYoga is beginner friendly and we encourage newcomers.


A cooler class taught through the Ayurvedic lens with consideration of the season and time of day. Expect a complete practice, moving the body in all ranges of motion, building hear from the inside out  to facilitate a cleansing sweat. Each practice is tri-doshic to balance Vata, Pitta and Kapha using pranayama (breath work), asana (postures), dharana (concentration), mantra, deep relaxation and meditation. All levels are welcome.


Prenatal yoga is just the beginning of your yoga bond with baby.  Come be part of a fun and supportive community of new Mamas working out the kinks and getting back to the mat. Babies ages newborn to toddling welcome, as well as partners and caregivers.


Yoga Sin Limites

•Clases bilingüe en Español e Inglés dirigida por Araceli.

•Bilingual classes in Spanish and English led by Araceli.

All are welcome. It doesn't matter what language you speak! Give what you can! This yoga class is by donation.


Breathing and Stretching...ahhh! In this class, we will explore the vast world of dynamic and passive "floor" postures and mindful breath-work(pranayama) in 85°F. This class will NOT have any "flows" or standing postures; which include but not limited to all poses close to the earth-ground such as: yin poses(Yinship), restorative poses, and guided breath-work(pranayama). This class is also a nice complement and counterbalance to the "Yang" standing hot hatha-flows during the week. A comforting relief and mini-wholistic retreat for your mind, body, and soul. Ultimately, leaving your practice feeling rejuvenated, awaken, and rested.


A Vinyasa inspired practice with an emphasis on strengthening and refining the body's entire core. This class will offer a strong focus on the breath and bandhas (energy locks) to support your spine and strengthen your endocrine system. We also explore arm balances and inversions, always ending in deep relaxation/savasana. Room temperature: 85°F

KIRTAN + MANTRA (donation)

Come join in singing ancient Indian mantras in the tradition of SANKIRTAN! An easy call and response style of devotional music, kirtan is part of Bhakti Yoga. No prior experience required.

KUNDALINI (donation)

A donation based community class for all levels. Explore your own energy body with pranayama, asana, mantra, and meditation. Give whatever amount you can to help support the continuation of these donation based classes.


A guided meditation class with breathing techniques, relaxation cues, and beautiful mantra. A perfect way to create space for the mind to quiet, relax, and find bliss.

This candlelight Vinyasa flow conjunct with a beautiful live score is just the medicine to recalibrate. The musician rotates every week to create a new experience each time and long, improvised sets guide you into your own mystical journey.


Get ready to sweat. This hot class is an invigorating practice to serve your body, mind and soul. Ease into your practice with a sequence of gently warming postures and breath-awakening guidance. As your body opens, we'll gracefully pick up the pace to charge you up and mindfully challenge your abilities. Many options will be offered, encouraging your freedom to choose the perfect practice for you! Grounding postures on your feet, playful balancing transitions, strengthening core, and restorative hip openers wrap it up just right.


Kinship's exceptional  Yin/restorative format, integrated with a curated group of established and emerging body, energy, sound, and sense workers. Feel the healing vibrations build throughout the class while tuning in to your own deepening stillness, through this transformative class.  A great one to share with a soon to be blown-away friend! 


Perfect for total yoga beginners, people recovering from injury, and those looking to deepen their knowledge of safe alignment, this class will take you through the basic poses of yoga at a relaxed pace. Expect a nice BALANCE of stretching and strengthening and guidance into using mindful awareness of your body to find the alignment that is right for you.

60 MIN 85º

A shorter, slower paced class with emphasis on alignment, ideal for beginners and those wishing to revisit and rebuild the foundations of yoga practice. A gentle, stretchy midday pick-me-up!